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Matthew Ruddick

Author of Funny Valentine, an acclaimed new biography of the jazz trumpet player and singer, Chet Baker.
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Fernando Rose

I love my jazz and I bless the funk. I play percussion for all and sundry and go by @Mr Cool.

Saturday, 10 November 2018 19:00

Thelonious Monk - Monk

Gearbox Records serves a AAA album of previously unreleased Monk Quartet on a vinyl platter.
Deep Afrobeat still sounding fresh 42 years later.
Tony Kofi and The Organisation cover a vault of classic jazz tracks executed in style.
Friday, 21 September 2018 22:28

Azhaar & Global Wave - Original Love

Azhaar and Global Wave's latest release is full of modern Latin influence exploring life’s exciting journey.
Friday, 03 August 2018 16:52

Alina Bzhezhinska - Inspiration

Alina Bzhezhinska’s ode to Alice Coltrane.
The third album from the incredible Fiona Ross is original, soulful and full of passion.
Far Out Recordings continues to produce strong magnetic collaborations between the UK and Brazil in the forthcoming release - Palmares Fantasy with Sean Khan and Hermit Pascoal.
Tuesday, 24 April 2018 01:58

Sons Of Kemet - Your Queen Is A Reptile

Shabaka Hutchings tells us how it is with his new album on Impulse Records.
Re-mastered from the original master tapes, Far Out Recordings release a limited edition of the Edu Passeto and Gui Tavares album, Noite Que Brincou De Lua.
Saturday, 24 March 2018 18:48

Lonnie Smith - All in My Mind

Blue Note shares what's in Dr Lonnie Smith's mind.
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Fernando Rose

I love my jazz and I bless the funk. I play percussion for all and sundry and go by @Mr Cool.

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